A fast and personalized business tool

Smart and secure access

Provide your employees, customers and third party contacts with an easy access to conference rooms. Set authentication requirements for other users, or lock the conference for additional security.

Personal conference control

Manage the conference via the personal virtual meeting room from your PC/Mac or mobile device: invite, remove or mute members, set up security preferences and view live usage data.

Ease of use

Simply choose one of your contacts and invite them to your conversation. No unit configuration needed.

Why Seequre

  • Seequre integrates with selected Email services and will allow your email addresses to
    become potential video call addresses.
  • Use Seequre Video, our  iOS or Android app to access meetings instantly from your mobile device
  • Connect up to 6 meeting participants in one virtual
    meeting room for private discussion.
  • Save your videocall /conference /  chat and share it with the attendees with the click of a button.
  • Seequres integration with your companys email server allows you to search all chat and video communication trough your inbox without plugins.
Virtual meeting rooms

Conduct a video conference with multiple participants, where everyone can hear and see each other.

Virtual Meeting rooms provide high-quality collaboration experience connecting different locations, platforms, networks and devices.


Easy access from different devices

Wherever you are, you can connect to Seequre from your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, invite your colleagues, partners or clients to join your online meeting and start collaborating.

Unlimited flexibility

Send an invitation link from your Seequre installation and invite people with one click. They will be ready to join your meeting and start collaborating within 5 minutes. Decide if they need an account for safety or allow them to log in only with WebRTC with a link that opens a webpage.

Bring more freedom to your business
with Seequre video chat

No need to gather everyone in one place - just invite people to
Seequre video chat and start your conference here

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